Sunday, January 3, 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of Laser Printer

Advantages of Laser Printer:

  • Laser Printers present excellent declaration and the printer that can be used for other things when it is not necessary for labels.
  • Moreover it can be an economical way to print larger labels, ie either half or full sheet.

Disadvantages of Laser Printer:

  • Synthetic labels usually do not give good results in Laser Printer (the hot fuser can damage the label material).

  • Prints entire sheet of labels at a time; not perfect for small batches of labels.

  • You should not reload a partly used sheet of labels. The gum remains may be left on the rollers/drum etc inside the printer. This may leads to very expensive damage to your printer.

  • Color laser label printers are expensive to buy and run.
  • Printers with a difficult paper path may unintentionally peel off labels inside the printer.

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