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Guide to Reading Labels

Do we really need all those flashy labels to steer us toward healthier foods? Here’s what to look for.

Supermarket shopping is one of my least favorite chores (though I’d gladly spend hours at a farmer’s market). I try to get in and out as quickly as possible. By sticking to the store’s labels, I can fill my cart with produce, fish, meat or poultry, dairy and bread and then hopefully head home. I’m confronted with a cacophony of bright labels (usually green), luring me to products with terms like “Sensible Snacking,” “Smart Choices Made Easy” and “Eat Smart.”

Picking up a symbol-festooned bag of Lay’s baked potato crisps—whose first three ingredients are dehydrated potatoes, modified food starch and sugar—I question what makes them a “smarter” snack than one of the unadorned bananas sitting in my cart. I know the banana is a rich source of potassium and fiber, but would most shoppers know that?

While the labels and symbols are supposed to help make it easier to choose healthy foods, their sheer proliferation only creates more confusion. No wonder McKenzie, M.D., director of the Prevention Research Center at honey University’s School of Medicine, when interviewed by a reporter, suggested that it would be simpler to label junk food with a “scarlet J” instead.

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Silver Foil Laser Labels

These custom Silver Foil Laser Labels are made for Laser and copiers only. Our testing indicates they work on virtually all black copiers and laser printers but may not work properly on some color copiers. We have a large selection of Silver foil address labels, round labels and Silver foil oval labels.

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Printed fabric labels

Printed fabric labels

They are over 40 different label materials, including the softest bridal satins, 100% cotton twills, poly/cotton blends and many others. We print the labels using specialty inks created specifically for garment labels and have the ability to print as many as 6 colors on the front of your label and 2 additional colors on the back!


We are able to match your logo or other art to create or reinforce the brand identity you have created for your product….


we can make virtually any size label you need. Widths can range from 1⁄4” to 3 ” (6 mm to 62mm) and lengths can range from 1⁄2” to 12” (12mm to 290mm). To expand your printing surface area, we are able to print on both sides of a label

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Stick labels & Self-Adhesive Gold/Silver Aluminum Foil Paper Labels

Stick labels

Product name: stick paper label
Place of original: China
Delivery time:7days
1) spec:3x 3cm,2x 2cm,4x 4cm,3x 5cm etc.
2) blank, single color , double colour, six colour
3) moq:50,000pcs

Self-Adhesive Gold/Silver Aluminum Foil Paper Label

1) Surface: gold or silver aluminum foil paper
2) Bottom: 95g yellow liner
3) Adhesive: emulsion acrylic adhesive
4) Roll dimensions: width 1,070mm, length 400m
4) Roll or sheet available
5) High quality for printing labels

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Worst bottle labels

Accuwrap label machine demo

How to make Wine Bottle Labels

If the label feels like a plastic-like sticker that would come off easily from the bottle..then keep the empty bottle in warm water for 20 min. you can try to remove the label,and if it came from bottle,then try the soaking method....most wine labels are basically paper with glue on back of them

Heat a open wine bottle in an oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees F (38 degrees C), or use a hair dryer set on low Or, pour boiling water into the bottle, and let sit for 15 minutes. Careful, it will be hot

Peel off the corner of the label with a knife, then pulling the label off, slowly, so as to not rip the label. You need to do this before the wine bottle cools. Heating it up melts the glue; when the bottle cools, the glue does, too.

Place the label onto some stiff paper or card stock. Try to pick a colour that matches the label or is neutral. Don't worry about aligning it with the sides. It can be as off-kilter as you want. Once the label is on the paper, check on any other bottles you have in the

Lay a picture frame over the label. Center the label as best you can in the frame. Mark lines with pencil on the outer border of the frame. Using a ruler, draw a complete rectangle around the label.

Cut around the label on the lines you drew and place the cut-out into the picture frame. If it doesn't fit, trim the outside until it does

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Disadvantages of white labels

white labels

If the labels are printed in white colors then it will be great disadvantages for the label companies....Because white labels wont look brighter than color labels should printed in dark colors... color labels will attract the customers easily....

Dark color labels

Dark color labels will attracts the customer easily by looking the colors..Here they shown the dark color labels

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Metal and Rubber labels

Metal labels

Rubber labels

laser cut labels

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Beverage labels vs Dairy Labels

Beverage labels, a very colorful and satisfyingly quenching part of our business. Is your company looking to meet demanding application parameters for products such as: soft drinks, dairy products, soups, wine, condiments, salad dressings, spring water or any other form of bottled food products?

Try out and sample materials for your beverage labels such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyolefin or BOPP in synthetics. If papers are more desirable, try satin-like papers, woven-like papers, imbibed papers and many others to achieve a more timeless and elegant gourmet look. Our beverage labels can be printed to reproduce exacting graphics then coated in such a way to withstand elements, like moisture, and sunlight ensuring they last the life of the product.

In finishing processes we ensure our beverage labels to be suitable for hand or high-speed automatic application.

Now we´re talking wet, cool, damp environments; a dairy label´s worst nightmare

To top it off, most milk is sold in low surface energy plastics jugs which are a significant challenge for a standard label to adhere to. Well, the good news is that we´ve got dairy labels mastered and have just the right dairy labels for your products. Our dairy labels are products that will resist moisture, aggressively stick to jugs and not jam while automatically dispense.

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