Monday, December 28, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Label Printer

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printer:

  • Dot matrix printers are comparatively low cost and are excellent for creating temporary labels.

  • The printer can be used for some other things when it is not necessary for labels.

  • While using 1-across labels you can print only one label at a time.

  • Can be inexpensive for very large labels for eg, Full or Half sheet.

· Can print carbonized forms.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer:

  • Low resolution means barcodes must be large to make sure they are readable.

  • These printers are generally slow and noisy.

  • The Ink ribbons dry out and become lighter. Usually imperfect barcodes are produced before staff realizes they need to be replaced.

· Printer Drivers for a few models can be difficult to keep updated.

· The dot matrix printing is that it is not capable of providing fine feature printing.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why purchase a label Printer?

Seems Professional – Create high-quality, professional looking labels that leave a positive impression.

Keep on organizedLabel file folders and CDs, ensuring important documents are easy to find.

Save Time Print customized labels in seconds approximately up to 69 labels* per minute using standard 4 line address label.

Easy to Use – Simple to install software, operate machine and maintain with suitable drop-in rolls.

Save MoneyNo wasted sheets of labels. Print only the number of labels needed.

FlexibleShipping and address, file folders, CDs, name badges and barcode printing just to name a few. There is a wide range of label sizes and types.

Easy to create customized, professional looking labelsPowerful but user-friendly label creation software makes it easy to make customized labels. There is a range of fonts, logos, graphics, barcodes, templates and formatting skin texture to choose for labels.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Label Printer for Personal and Small Business

The majority of label printers that are found in stores and on the internet are customized for personal use. A simple desktop model can be used to generate labels and stock cards offering the user business card capabilities. Is there any market for personal desktop label printers? Absolutely. Anyone who is running a business from their home, uses a home as an office to support business outside the home, or is appearing to establish a business inside the home can locate that the simple use of a desktop label printer can attach a great deal of professionalism to their package.

Whether you are looking to generate simple but effective packaging labels or return address labels that are consequent of butterflies and kittens for a more professional look, a personal label printer can append a great deal to your personal packaging requirements. Moreover, a personal label printer is adaptable enough to receive, on average of two to five uses per week for those who own them.

The new versions of the personal or desktop label printers have to conclude replaced the humid backed plastic labels of the eighties and present the user a wide range of label sizes. As they are printed on the top of the labeling relatively than crushed out from behind the plastic the traditional move up surface and the ultimate fading that these labels were known for is history.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Removing a Label by Soaking process

This method works specially well with wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels, water bottle labels and other glass or plastic surfaces. Moreover, it is one of the easier methods of removal.

  • You will require available space in your sink or a two-liter plastic bottle that you have cut the top off. You will need to fill up your sink or bottle with warm to hot water.
  • If you are use this method to remove a label from a glass bottle, such as a wine bottle, you may desire to fill it with warm water also.
  • Once you have a container, sink or bottle filled with warm water, place your thing into soak.
  • Normally, you want to leave the item suddenly so the water can take its effects on the label. Different labels and adhesive forces will require various saturated times so check them periodically.
  • Once it has saturated for the proper time, simply peel the label off.

With these basic methods, accurately shaping what kind of label, adhesive strength and what surface your label is on, removing labels can be stress-free.

As always though, make assured you are very careful during the removal process. If you would rather not be troubled about removing a label, try our removable and repositionable labels. The removable labels can be useful to most surfaces and can be simply removed without leaving any adhesive deposits. Top of all the label prints with the same immense quality in both laser and ink jet printers.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips to remove labels in all products

Invest in a label remover application is regular practice and one of the easiest methods of removing labels.

  • First, pick which label removing application you want to use. Most of the applications come in a sheet of apparent plastic with a strong adhesive on one side.
  • By means of removers such as these connect the label with the remover and the other side of the sheet acts as a shield, which keeps the label unbroken and protects it.
  • Apply a sheet to the label you want to removed. You will need to allow time for the remover and label to tie so you have a clean removal.
  • You may want to allow it to bond longer than the guidelines state to ensure a clean removal. Once time is up, carefully unwrap the label remover application away.

This is a huge option for those of you that collect labels, especially wine bottle labels. Buying a common label remover is usually an inexpensive and popular way to remove labels.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Features of Label Maker Software

Label maker is not more complicated yet it still has all the features you might need to design your labels and cases.

· Full cd, dvd and disc label designer interface

· Full support for typical cd jewel cases, standard dvd cases, slimline cd cases and slimline dvd cases.

· Add your own cd cover, dvd cover or comfort images, or use one from our template library

· Drag and Drop your images into your cover design.

· Automatically resizes images to fit your dvd/ cd case and disc label

· Make adjustments to the printed size and position of your labels.

· Add track listings, titles/artists and spine text

· Alter background colors, fonts and font colors

· Save and re-use your coats and labels once you have finished designing them

· Support for plain paper printing as well as stock labels/sticky disc labels

· Will work on Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, NT

Tuesday, December 1, 2009