Monday, December 28, 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Label Printer

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printer:

  • Dot matrix printers are comparatively low cost and are excellent for creating temporary labels.

  • The printer can be used for some other things when it is not necessary for labels.

  • While using 1-across labels you can print only one label at a time.

  • Can be inexpensive for very large labels for eg, Full or Half sheet.

· Can print carbonized forms.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer:

  • Low resolution means barcodes must be large to make sure they are readable.

  • These printers are generally slow and noisy.

  • The Ink ribbons dry out and become lighter. Usually imperfect barcodes are produced before staff realizes they need to be replaced.

· Printer Drivers for a few models can be difficult to keep updated.

· The dot matrix printing is that it is not capable of providing fine feature printing.

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