Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LSR: Label Switch Router

A Label Switch Router (LSR) is a type of a router located in the middle of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. It is responsible for switching the labels used to route packets. When a LSR receives a packet, it uses the label included in the packet header as an index to determine the next hop on the Label Switched Path (LSP) and a corresponding label for the packet from a look-up table. The old label is then removed from the header and replaced with the new label before the packet is routed forward.

Why are Fruit Crate Labels Still Around?

I get asked often why are these labels still around. Actually for as many labels that were printed the last 100 years there really is only a small number that survived. The bulk of what is available came from warehouse finds. This started in the 1960's when a few people started gathering labels. Usually, if a packing house is still standing or in operation they never threw out the old labels. There are a few reasons they were never thrown out… labels were inventory they had paid for and you never know when they may come in handy, working with cardboard boxes took up less room so they didn't need the area labels were stored, and lastly they were poor housekeepers.

Next to warehouse finds the major source is lithograph or printers files. Printers would keep a few of everything they did production runs of. They would take a handful, stamp the back with the current date and archive them in a sample room. When someone reordered they could pull the labels out of the archive and if any changes were made they would pencil in the changes and the artists would redesign the labels. You often see printer's files labels with date stamps and pencil marks.

The History of Fruit Crate Labels and Can Labels

I'm going to break this into time periods and give a few observations on what was going on at the time and how fruit crate labels and canned food labels fit in, and changed with the times. Keep in mind that labels were made to be pasted on crates, not framed or collected. Their purpose was two fold, first to identify what was in the box and secondly to assign responsibility. When you put your label on a box you are putting your name and if the product in the box is good your label gets recognized as a good brand, or the opposite if you ship poor quality.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Brown Kraft Labels

Our Kraft labels have a brown paper bag finish with a permanent adhesive. The material prints excellent in both laser and inkjet printers. Our brown Kraft labels have a slight texture and can you help you achieve that natural or earthy look for your product. This material is popular for use on products such as candles and natural bath & beauty products. The material has a 44 lb. face stock and a thickness of 0.0039 inches +/- 10%.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Magnetic Inventory Labels On a Roll

Write-on and wipe-off these movable labels

• Color Code, change or move labels frequently on steel surfaces
• Each roll is 50' long and can easily be cut to the length you need
• Special write on/wipe off surface accepts our special water soluble black pen (included with every roll) and wipes clean with a wet cloth

DuraLabel 9000

The DuraLabel 9000 is an extra wide format, thermal transfer, sign and label printer designed for industrial applications. It prints on industrial-grade vinyl, as well as other materials, up to 9" in width.

With the economical Duralabel supplies, you'll save both time and money, while getting the superior quality and durability of signs made with a Drillable 9000 printer. The versatility of the Drillable 9000 can make safety signs, show operating procedures, provide emergency information, make pipe markers and a lot more - and you have a sign making system that can't be beat.

* Outstanding durability and quality of signs and labels
* Opens extra wide for easy supply loading and changing
* Variety of supplies for specific application requirements
* All-inclusive software packages for quick and simple label and sign printing

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer

Professional high quality label printer perfect for personal and office use. Print up to 300 x 600 (Superfine mode) dpi which is perfect for professional labels with graphics, logos and rounded text for mailing, shipping and administrative applications. Super fast print speed of up to 68 labels per minute‡. Also has built in cutter and accepts labels up to 2.4" wide.

Bundled NEW powerful but user-friendly P-touch editor V5 software. P-touch Editor V5 has 3 input modes. Snap easy incorporation of images via screen capture. Express for fast or beginner level label creation. And Professional for the expert label or intricate label creation.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DVD and CD Labels

Adding a Label to your CD or DVD not only ads beauty to your discs but it also help protect the audio or data that are on the CD's or DVD's. The CD Lable does this by adding an extra layer of protection to the top of the disc which is the most vunerable. Yes it's true the top part of the disc is the most vunerable to damaging the lands and pits on the disc because there are less layers from the top of the disc to the data then there are from the data to the bottom of the disc. NEATO Media Labeling Products