Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Requirements for label making

The regular face material for the labels we offer is a Matt paper with good absorptive and synthesis characteristics, to permit clear issue definition. This will not suit each condition.

To provide labels to suit the huge range of applications we are asked to undertake, we will present material, metal foil or plain materials and a wide range of plastics.

Whether you desire a label which will come into view unseen, will fleck into a thousand pieces when someone tries to remove it, or is capable of withstanding the strong conditions required to meet the BS5609 salt water submersion test….

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fragile Labels

Delicate device Labels
Get the accurate handling for your delicate instruments and goods. Alert handlers and warehouse personnel with "Delicate Instrument Labels".

Handle with Care Labels
Handle with Care Labels. Browse the wide range of handle with care messages in a vareiety of styles and sizes. Alerting handlers that shipments, packages and or items require careful handling.

Glass Label

Glass Label messages alert handlers to special handling requirements for glass shipments, we offer a wide variety of labels styles and messages to alert handlers they are handling glass.

Fragile labels

Fragile labels to alert warehouse and handling personnel of special handling requirements. Find a variety of fragile label messages, styles and sizes to suit your needs and application. Browse the "fragile labels".

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monograms labels

Monograms are so standard and timeless and signify very elegantly the privileged individual. Elegant Labels offers three different types of self-adhesive personalized monograms labels: 1 letter monogram labels, 2 letter monogram labels, and 3 letter monogram labels.

Elegant Labels has created a diversity of beautiful label designs that utilize these three different types of monograms that can be used for any special occasion or gift packaging. Monogram Guidelines

1 letter monogram: represent the first initial of a first name. It can also represent the first initial of a last name.

Hannah = H
Hannah Cameron= C

2 letter monogram: Signifies the first initials of each of the first names of two individuals

Hannah & Christopher = H & C

3 letter monogram: Represents the first initial of the bride's first name (1st letter), the first initial of the groom's last name (middle letter), and the first initial of the groom's first name (last letter)

Hannah & Christopher Sims = HSC

It can also represent the first initial of a person's first name (1st letter), the first initial of the person's last name (middle letter), and the first initial of the person's middle name (last letter)

Hannah Cecilia Sims = HSC

Thermal Labels designed for Overprinting

swift Labels has a long established status in producing labels for thermal label printers.
Having represent Zebra thermal printers in New Zealand while 1989, and now addition Datamax in October 2008, we are satisfied to present a vertical offer of thermal printers, parts, service, ribbons and of course – the labels which run in the printers.

There are two types of thermal labels – direct thermal and thermal transfer.

Direct thermal is a more luxurious base stock but is a lower cost label on the whole because it does not need a ribbon when printing. The thermal printer images using heat directly onto the label face, in the same way the original fax equipment used to do. Direct thermal labels are fine apart from labels which have to stay alive a long time, or if they are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. The printed image can and will become paler over time or beneath these circumstances.

Thermal transfer is a less posh base stock but a ribbon is vital for printing. Thermal transfer labels are tougher, last longer and are not responsive to light or heat.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

QuickWrap Label Applicator

* Semi-Automatic Label Applicator for Cylindrical harvest

* rapidly Applies Labels to Bottles, Jars, and more

* For In-House produce Labeling in Low to Moderate Volumes

The QuickWrap is ideal for small and mid-sized manufacture environment where a completely automated line doesn’t build sense, this semi-automatic label applicator helps operators apply labels faster and more exactly, increasing productivity and order fulfillment.

The QuickWrap holds a product in its wagon and turns it while advancing a label until the manufactured goods is entirely wrapped. Pre-set adjustment and mechanical sensors ensure the label is useful right every time – with no wrinkles. The QuickWrap is versatile: it applies plain and solid labels in easy or fancy die-cut shapes to cylindrical goods as diverse as glass beverage bottles and PET detergent jugs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Foil

Hotfoil Labels This kind of label is especially suitable where a very shiny or bright finish is necessary such as silver or gold. There are hundreds of frustrate colours available in metallic and holographic stuff. Product Labels, obtainable in a variety of stuff and a broad range of colours can be greatly enhanced by the use of foil and embossing. Apart from the high-quality, eye-catching finish the major advantage of hot foil labelling is its appropriateness for short print runs joint with low set- up costs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 5 Label Applicator

Combina Classic label applicator
Starting from the easy application of a label onto a manufactured goods, overprinting of the label through the application process up to complex use with substantial confirmation possibilities for procedure optimization and process reliability, the Combina label applicators offer a solution for each application.

suitable to their modular thought and clearly defined interfaces, they can be easily included into packaging systems, assembly machines, existing customers conveyor systems and surely also into all Combina labelling systems.

Print And Apply Label Applicator
Markem-Imaje 2000 Series Print & Apply labelling systems' single modular design provide unrivalled plasticity for classification of cartons during the supply chain.
• 4" and 6" printhead configuration
• 200 and 300 dpi turn out resolution
• Blow, fill and clean applicators
• Thermal move and straight thermal printing

ELS 200 label applicator
A feature of the compact plan is the control organization is integrated into the labelling station for simple make use of by operators.

The machinist can manage all functions such as automatic operation, manual label feed, label length setting, labelling pace, label equalize, and labelling delay from the easy keypad situated on the drive motor.

The ELS 200 Automatic label applicator can be mounted in permanent place or mounted onto a committed stand with either adjustable foot or lockable wheels

Using a hand held label applicator
Use a hand held label applicator will speed up your labelling procedure and save you time and money.

Our range of manual hand held labelling guns include the popular Towa AP65' range which include 30mm, 60mm and 100mm model.

Also available in battery operate model. The Open Data “energetic” applicator is a trendy model that automatically dispenses label up and about 60mm wide. The Shinsei EM21 is a more hardy model and accept labels up and about 50mm wide. Both models dispense labels without the require for manually squeeze the handle.

NV Hand Held Label Applicator
* Ideal for cyclic labeling of boxes or bags
* Simply squeeze the handle to distribute and apply any die-cut label
* Highest label length 2.36" (60mm)
* Least amount of label core size 1" (25.4mm)
* Maximum outer surface diameter of roll 3.93" (100mm)
* Heavy-duty, finished for industrial use
* No custom tooled slot required for dispense labels, just a 1/8" (3.2mm) gap between labels
* Unique feeler without human intervention adjusts the label stroke
* Patented mechanism dispense nearly any shape of die-cut label

Monday, May 11, 2009

Branding on Beds

Branding your Beds.

You will find Nelson's Labels on all the leading European beds. Our six multicolour lithographic printing presses produce the highest quality images from a simple single colour print through to four and five colour images. For that extra touch of finesse, we can also offer various colours of metallic foil for that eye-catching special effect. To further individualise your labels, we can produce punched shapes, mitred corners or square cut finishes to meet your needs.

Labels can be produced in sheet or roll form, to be attach to the mattress or heat adhesive or sew-on materials. To compliment the mattress ticking, our general material range includes cottons, polyester satins and acetate in various colored…

Wall to wall quality.

Nelson's Labels is a most important supplier to the European carpet industry. As a long established supplier to the industry, we understand the need for the best quality materials with the strongest bonding adhesives to ensure labels adhere well to pattern book samples.
An indulgent of the need for efficient deliveries, coupled with our high speed lithographic presses enable us to provide high quality print to meet stringent deadlines.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holographic Labels

Holographic label solution for all application, including these popular uses:

• Product Labels

• Software

• Packaging

• Security

• Caution/Warning

• ID Labels

• Pharmaceutical

• Warranty

Holographic Labels

They are many kinds of security hologram labels, hologram film, hologram tape, hologram ID card overlay and hologram machines. Hologram labels will looks bright compared to the other labels.. Hologram label including customized design pressure thin-skinned hologram label, pattern released hologram label, hologram label with running numbers. They are many kinds of hologram film with all kinds of design, clear holographic ID cards, hologram master.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Custom Labels

Size? You can choose a trendy, frequent label size or we can create a custom size or shape: Square, rectangle, circle, and oval or any unique shape or fashion.

Material? We can produce your labels with standard paper, thermal transfer or direct thermal papers, film stocks (including Polyester, Polypropylene, Mylar, retro-reflective, vinyl sheeting, destructible, holographic or almost any other type of film stock), tag material including film and paper tags with or without adhesive. Adhesives available comprise standard permanent or removable to ultra-removable and freezer grades.

Colors? We can make single color to multi-color labels and tags. Choose from a standard color or any Pantone Matching System color…

Finishing? You can decide sheeting labels or tags, on rolls or a fan folded stack of labels or tags.