Friday, November 27, 2009

Automatic Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine

The Automatic Vertical (Rotary) Sticker Labeling Machine Model BL-100 is one of the main user friendly machine. The machine is apt for Labeling on Ampoules, Vials and other small diameter round objects/container. It has the capacity of Labeling up to 100 units per minute depending on products and its label size.

Technical Specification

Label Height : 8 mm to 90mm standard"

Label Length : 12mm to Unlimited

Label Roll Dia : 300mm

Core Dia : 75/76 mm

Product Diameter : 15mm to 35mm

Electrical : 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)

Power : 1.5 Amp.

Capacity : 0.75 Kw

Speed : Upto 90 Labels per minute depending on product and its label size.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Automatic horizontal sticker labeling machine

The Automatic (Horizontal) Sticker Labeling Machine Model ABMA-150 with Automatic supplying Hopper, is one of the most user friendly. It is capable of Labeling up to 150 units per minute depending on products and its label size.

Technical Specifications

Label Height : 8 mm to 90mm Standard"

Label Length : 12 mm to unlimited

Label Roll Dia : 300/400mm

Core Dia : 75/76mm

Electrical : 220 VAC single phase power supply (50/60 Hz)

Power : 1.2 Amp.

Capacity : 0.5 Kw

Speed : Upto 120 Labels per minute depending on product and its label size

Conveyor Height : 865-960mm

Monday, November 23, 2009

Components & Benefits of Security Labels


· Base paper or film.

· Customized to your requirements.

· Soil coated or uncoated.

· Smoothness and absorbency to customers’ requirements

· Liberate liners* – glassine (60 gsm), kraft (71 – 87 gsm), clay coated (100 gsm).

· Eco friendly adhesive – water stimulated, high staple PSA and un-gummed.

· Smooth, ink accessible layer.

· Manufactured to ISO 9001 standard.


· A grouping of features.

· Film or paper.

· Frangible or negated.

· Stock paper and film or modified.

· Big dimensions or small runs.

· Coating designed to sustain printed, security features, such as security inks.

· Excellent feature results with intaglio, litho, gravure, letterpress, flexo, ink jet, digital and laser – with fine definition and unique numbering.

· Superior softness improves adhesion and brightness for holograms and frustrates.

· Release requirements customized to the customer’s conversion process – high speeds reasonable.

· Machine understandable authentication.

· Strong colors, low ink usage.

· Appropriate for solvent or aqueous inks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Instant quotation for Barcode Labels

Material : Vinyl, Polyester, Polypropylene, Self Cling PVC, Polyethelene, Paper. 125 micron - 500 micron.

Adhesive : Non-adhesive, Removable, Permanent.

Method : Hot Foil (HF) Foil carrying a colour pigment is hit by a heated metal plate depositing the image on the base material. Flexo (F) Rotary cylinders deposit ink on the base material.

Output Format : Singles, Sheets or Rolls.

Size : 5mm x 5mm to <>
5mm x 5mm to <>

Application : Product Marking, Food. HF is suitable as a lower cost alternative for small quantities. While F is suitable for larger quantities where a less durable bright image is required.

Additional : Can be over laminated for full protection.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Specialist Security Labels Outline

Tinker manifest security labels using ultra destructible materials, typically PVC (vinyl) or acetate are one of the most recognized techniques to make sure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied at all. If you are exclusively looking for asset labels we sell a range these online.

The technique works by using a very pathetic and delicate substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label crumbles into many components if any attempt is made to remove it.

This is an ultimate material for quality marking, provided that the application does not require the labeling to exhibit any clip strength and the label and surface is not exposed to movement.

Used in arrangement with other printing techniques, this provides an economic way of stopping certain surfaces, provided that the presence of a permanent deposit on the surface that is very difficult to remove is not an issue.

These labels are an ideal solution to document certification.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Brother PT-1290 label printer and its utilities

  • An easy-view 15-character LCD display, typewriter style keyboard and Auto Tape Detection.

  • It automatically identifies the size of the installed tape cassette and alters the text to fit the label width.

  • A dedicated "Deco Mode" key gives you an easy access to 15, unique pre-designed label layouts for creating decorative labels – including professional layouts that holds 2 rows of text.

  • Easily switch between 2 fonts - with the touch of a button.

  • Use the built-in memory to pile up to 9 of your most frequently used labels.

  • The PT-1290 moreover uses the new “super narrow” (3.5mm) black on white non-laminated tape for labeling CD spines.