Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Removing a Label by Soaking process

This method works specially well with wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels, water bottle labels and other glass or plastic surfaces. Moreover, it is one of the easier methods of removal.

  • You will require available space in your sink or a two-liter plastic bottle that you have cut the top off. You will need to fill up your sink or bottle with warm to hot water.
  • If you are use this method to remove a label from a glass bottle, such as a wine bottle, you may desire to fill it with warm water also.
  • Once you have a container, sink or bottle filled with warm water, place your thing into soak.
  • Normally, you want to leave the item suddenly so the water can take its effects on the label. Different labels and adhesive forces will require various saturated times so check them periodically.
  • Once it has saturated for the proper time, simply peel the label off.

With these basic methods, accurately shaping what kind of label, adhesive strength and what surface your label is on, removing labels can be stress-free.

As always though, make assured you are very careful during the removal process. If you would rather not be troubled about removing a label, try our removable and repositionable labels. The removable labels can be useful to most surfaces and can be simply removed without leaving any adhesive deposits. Top of all the label prints with the same immense quality in both laser and ink jet printers.

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