Friday, April 3, 2009

Syringe Labels With Drug Names

Keeping track of the numerous syringes in your medical workplace is a difficult, but necessary task. JHACO regulations require that medication be clearly labeled with medical syringe labels to prevent confusion and negative patient drug interactions. Using syringe labels is a surefire way to maintain tabs on the identity and specifications of your supplies. With the assistance of medical syringe labels, you will provide your employees and patients with reassurance that the accurate medication and does are being administered.Universal Medical aims to make labeling your syringes a simple process by offering a variety of syringe drug label options.

* Medical syringe labels are available in 1000 labels per roll

* 500 uses per roll of Medical syringe tape

* Select from a variety of colors to color code your syringe labels by drug name or type

* Available in two sizes for small or large syringes

* Universal Medical will custom print your medical syringe labels at no extra charge

When seeking out syringe labels, Universal Medical is sure to offer the syringe drug labels you require for any medical application at your facility.

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