Saturday, April 4, 2009

Linerless Labels

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are pressure sensitive labels that do not have a liner. The labels are wound on a roll that has had a release coating applied to the front of the facestock to prevent the adhesive from sticking on the label below. The available facestocks include standard paper, film and direct thermal. Linerless labels are available with permanent, removable and repositionable adhesives.

Using linerless labels eliminates the waste of the liner material and allows more labels per roll. This increases efficiencies by reducing the number of roll changes, eliminating the time used to separate the label from the liner and eliminates the time and cost of disposing of the liner waste. Some advantages and disadvantages of the linerless label are listed below.

  • Lower cost due to reduction in material, packaging, shipping, waste removal and inventory space.
  • Increased efficiency due to less roll changes and elimination of waste removal.
  • Release coating also acts as a protective coating for UV resistance, moisture resistance and resistance to some chemicals. Adds some longevity to direct thermal labels.
  • Labels can be printed on both sides since release coating and adhesive layers are applied after the ink is applied.
  • Promotes safety by eliminating liners all over the floor where someone could slip and fall, causing injuries.
  • Elimination of liner reduces silicone waste in landfills.


  • Available only on rolls.
  • Limited in what shape the label can be due to the elimination of the liner to hold the label in place when die cut. Basically limited to square or rectangle shapes.
  • Requires special application equipment.

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