Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Important aspects about Record Label Marketing

Record Label Marketing offers an entire look at the inner workings of record labels, showing how the record labels attach commercial music with consumers. In the current atmosphere of selling music through both traditional channels and new media, authors Tom Hutchison, Paul Allen and Amy Macy carefully explain the components of the entire record label?s marketing plan and how it is executed. This new edition is obviously demonstrated throughout with figures, tables, graphs, and glossaries, and includes a valuable summary of the music industry. Record Label Marketing has become important reading for current and aspirant professionals, and for music business students everywhere.


* It gives you an exclusive and entire look at SoundScan and how it is used as a marketing tool.
* It had essential information on uses of new media, label publicity, advertising, retail distribution, and marketing research by record labels.
* Offers imminent into how successful labels use videos, promotional touring, and special products to build profits.
* Includes key specialized marketing strategies using the tools of workers promotion and international opportunities.
* Expose how labels are managing within their intermediary digital industry.
* Appears to the future of the music business – how online growths, technological dissemination, and convergence and new markets continue to reshape the industry.

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