Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brady HandiMark label Printer

# The Brady HandiMark Portable Label Maker is a type of small and compact labeling printer, you can handle and create labels from any place of your facility.

# The Brady HandiMark is a powerful marking machine that lets create labels whenever you need them. In the office, throughout the plant, or even in the field - the portable Brady HandiMark "tags along" with you to ensure a safer working environment - no matter what spot you're in.

# There is no other handheld label printer that has the capabilities like the Brady HandiMark. This printer can print on tapes up to 2" wide, allowing it to handle much larger labeling jobs than other handheld label printers. The other benefit has a wide variety of supplies available, including specialized labeling jobs for those requiring labels that can be repositioned.

# Best of all, the Brady HandiMark Portable Label Maker fits in the palm of your hand. It's lightweight and runs on a rechargeable battery or AC power supply, giving you the flexibility and convenience of being able to take a powerful label printer wherever labeling is needed.

Customize labels on the spot : The Brady HandiMark labeler offers a integrated library of 113 industrial and safety symbols, barcode applications and pipe symbol applications. You can even modify your labels with built-in type options including expand/condense, underline, bold and italic.

Link the Brady HandiMark portable label maker to your PC : Brady's HandiMark is also well suited with the Brady MarkWare Label-Making Software. The Brady MarkWare Software is an option that gives you a link to your PC. It is more flexibility to add logos, import graphics, create templates and make other types of custom labels from your computer data.

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