Saturday, May 16, 2009

QuickWrap Label Applicator

* Semi-Automatic Label Applicator for Cylindrical harvest

* rapidly Applies Labels to Bottles, Jars, and more

* For In-House produce Labeling in Low to Moderate Volumes

The QuickWrap is ideal for small and mid-sized manufacture environment where a completely automated line doesn’t build sense, this semi-automatic label applicator helps operators apply labels faster and more exactly, increasing productivity and order fulfillment.

The QuickWrap holds a product in its wagon and turns it while advancing a label until the manufactured goods is entirely wrapped. Pre-set adjustment and mechanical sensors ensure the label is useful right every time – with no wrinkles. The QuickWrap is versatile: it applies plain and solid labels in easy or fancy die-cut shapes to cylindrical goods as diverse as glass beverage bottles and PET detergent jugs.

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